Local reaction to Kathleen Wynne’s throne speech

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – The mid-mandate throne speech rolled out Kathleen Wynne’s plan to build the province up while helping Ontarians in their everyday lives — one of those measures includes the creation of new child care spaces.
Sophie Kiwala/MPP Kingston and the Islands:
“I’m very excited about the changes with respect to additional places for child care. There will be an additional 100 thousand licensed places within the next 5 years for the 0-4 age group.”
Another key piece of the Liberal plan is to introduce a Hydro rebate starting January 1st.
Heather Senoran:
“While some hydro consumers find that saving 8% on the provincial portion of the HST is the better than nothing… others believe it’s too little, too late.”
“No. 130 bucks a year doesn’t amount to anything stacked up against the power costs and cost of living.”
“If they’re going to cut down the hydro a little bit I am for it all.”
“I think it’s good that she addressed it. But I hope she doesn’t think that’s the end of it because that’s ridiculous.

CEO of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Martin Sherris was pleased with the speech but would have liked to see more done to offset other costs that will impact business development and small businesses, like impending carbon tax that will start next year.
Sherris says hydro savings will help …but at what cost?
Martin Sherris/CEO, Chamber of Commerce:
“Let’s remember the flip side of the coin. It has to be paid for somehow… that somehow of 1.1 billion dollars will be taken out of the tax base. The money has to be generated to do that.”
The MPP for Prince Edward Hastings says… it’s not good policy, it’s more about good politics.
Todd Smith, MPP of Prince Edward Hastings:
“Kathleen Wynne apparently doesn’t care about lowering Hydro bills when it’s affecting your job. She’s only interested in removing HST off the hydro bills when it might have a negative effect on her job. This isn’t a solution to the problem. It’s merely just a band-aid to get her through potentially a couple more by-elections or maybe even a general election.”

Mayor Bryan Paterson says the province’s promise to continue to make historic infrastructure investments could be good news for big projects in Kingston — like the proposed third crossing bridge.
Bryan Paterson/Mayor of Kingston:
“So to be able to get those positive signals from the province that this is something that’s on their radar screen I think that that’s a crucial step forward.”
Wynne says the government will continue to create economic growth and at the same time will be able to balance the budget in 2017-18.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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