Employee burned by taxi merger

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Employee burned by taxi merger

Kingston – For the past eight years, John Gregory has worked as a regular dispatcher at Modern Taxi. But today, he was dispatched from his job.

John Gregory/Dispatcher:
“Anger, disrespect, disloyalty, a lot of different emotions.”

The Kingston man claims he was informed of the layoff by a coworker who was called in to do his shift. Gregory claims he wasn’t given proper notice of termination or severance pay by Modern.

John Gregory/Dispatcher:
“I had a feeling my days in the industry were done but there are certainly laws and regulations he has to abide by.”

A complaint has been filed with the Ministry of Labour…. claiming wrongful dismissal, personal harassment and unpaid wages.

Morganne Campbell:
“CKWS made numerous attempts to speak with the owner of Modern taxi. But our calls went unanswered. The timing of the job loss may be no coincidence. It comes on the eve of a merger in the Kingston cab industry.”

Modern and City Taxi have combined operations, and staff have started changing the ‘top’ signs on cabs. In less than 24 hours, the new company will be called “Modern City” — with a fleet of about 100 cars, and a promise of faster service.  Kingston’s only other cab company – Amey’s — remains the largest.

Steve Marskell/ Modern City Taxi Broker:
“There’s a new umbrella to work under. There will be more money for advertising and stuff and that will help us grow the business for each individual, broker and driver that works with us.”

The new cab company will continue to honour all taxi chits and gift certificates from both Modern and City Taxi. While it appears all City Taxi drivers will keep their jobs, the future of some Modern drivers remains unclear.

Steve Marskell/Taxi Broker:
“People at Modern were free to apply. Everyone was allowed to apply.
They haven’t been given their notice but they will be given their notice effective as of tomorrow.”

The merger won’t affect passenger fares — which are regulated by the Kingston and Area Taxi Commission. As for Gregory, the former dispatcher plans to follow through with his complaints and look for work in the meantime.  Morganne Campbell CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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