Tornado touches down in Prince Edward County

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It may be September — but violent summer weather is not over yet. environment Canada confirms a tornado touched down in Bloomfield, in Prince Edward County, Saturday night. While other regions experienced torrential downpours… strong gusts and severe lightning. Thousands lost power as trees were ripped out of the ground causing hydro poles to topple like dominos. Newswatch’s Heather Senoran reports.

Patti Mantle still can’t believe the shocking events that unfolded before her eyes at her home near Bloomfield in Prince Edward County… She says it’s something out of a natural disaster movie.”Oh yeah… Twister. Definitely. I came outside to look around and was totally surprised to see the entire tree uprooted.”
Her husband *was* outside on their deck when this massive willow tree came crashing down onto their home during a vicious thunder storm.
Dean Mantle/Storm damaged home:
“All of a sudden their was a crack and next thing you know, all I could see is a wall of tree, all around my deck, right where I was standing, so I couldn’t see anything but the tree.”
The fallen tree missed Dean by just a few metres and even dodged the truck parked close by.
The wreckage on the exterior of the house seems remarkably minimal.
Heather Senoran:
“The Mantles believe it is still safe to live in the home as the only visible damage from the inside is one broken window. The exact extent of the damage will not be known until the tree is professionally removed.”
Though the extreme heavy winds were strong enough to rip that willow right out of the ground, storm chaser by hobby Chris Partridge snapped these photos of funnel clouds as they touched down near Picton.
Similar riveting images were posted to social media from across the region… This video was taken in downtown Kingston during the peak of the storm.
Cleanup was needed the following day to rid the streets of toppled branches and trees.
As for the Mantles… they’re still waiting on word from their insurance company but are relieved it was a close call and not a deadly disaster.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Prince Edward County.

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