Debt clock comes to Queen’s University

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Queen’s students got an eye-opening lesson today about the national debt.
A “debt clock” — operated by the Canadian Taxpayer Federation — rolled into town.
It was organized in conjunction with the federation’s youth wing — called “generation screwed.”
Newswatch’s Darryn Davis has more.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is busy visiting university campuses with its debt clock.
… giving students a look at the growing national debt, and how it could impact their future.
“They’re the ones being left with the bill.
So behind me you see the giant national debt clock, over 630 billion dollars in debt, federal government alone 630 billion and that’s being left to them.”
“The second number represents the amount of money each Canadian would have to pay to eliminate the overall debt, and that’s not just taxpayers that’s every single man, woman and child.”
Craig Draeger is with the federation’s youth wing – known as “Generation Screwed”. He says they’re pushing for politicians to be more fiscally responsible with tax dollars.
“To say that they will run balanced budgets 24 months after taking office, that they’ll maintain balanced budgets outside times of war and natural disaster and that they will schedule repayment.”
Some Queen’s students who stopped to watch the debt clock are worried about governments spending money they don’t have.
“They say we’re going to be doing all these infrastructure projects and i think a lot of it’s become pet projects so that’s what I’m concerned about and why should I be saddled with having to pay that back in the future.”
While other students are less concerned about debt levels.
“Objectively the U.S. debt and the Canadian debt will actually never really be a problem because our government has built in systems to correct that kind of debt if we ever actually need to.”
According to the Taxpayers Federation — in the time it has taken to watch this story, the federal debt has increased by over 95 thousand dollars.
Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.


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