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The Napanee Junior C Raider’s look forward to the season ahead…the boys in black and white expect to be serious contender’s in the Empire League…

Mike Hartwick/
“I do like where we at, there’s no question..we’ve added some key players this year, we’ve picked up Brodie Maracle recently..getting guys like Justin Steven’s back and Cullen Hinds, Austin Boulard and Matt Scott from the Kitchener Dutchman and other players as well so were quite happy where were at now–were still not done..were still trying to get better with our first year players and other players as well so we’ll see at the end of the day where we fit in in the league but right now were pretty happy with what we’ve got.”

Austin Boulard/ Raiders Captain

“You know I think we have a good chance this year if we keep practising like we are and hopefully we continue it into the season.”

Thats overage captain Austin Boulard who says every game is a big one in the Empire League


“You definitely can’t take a night off in this league I mean were all pretty matched up–its definitely a pretty even league–there’s no underdogs that’s for sure–you definitely can’t take a night off.”

For the past 2-years the Raiders have lost the championship final to Port Hope–Hartwick hopes this is the year they knock the Panthers off the Empire League perch.


“I hope so, I mean that’s the goal..they’ve been strong the last couple of years and so have we but they’ve obviously been better–they’ve beaten us the last 2-years but there’s other teams as well..there’s a lot of parity in the league and there will be again this year so were going to have to be sharp every night that’s for sure.’

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