1 person dead after early morning crash

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
1 person dead after early morning crash

Gananoque –  “I thought I heard a scream but I could’ve been mistaken but that’s what I thought.”  Rose Wells explains to reporters as she stands outside her home on Kyes Road in Lansdowne.

A stones throw away, this is all that’s left of a transport truck that was travelling westbound on highway 401 at around 5:30 this morning when the worst happened.  ”

The flames were 12-13-14 feet high. It just lit everything up. Whatever was on the truck spilled out and was running down in the ditch and it was on fire.”  explained Jim Ansty, a man who witnessed the aftermath of the fiery crash.

A deadly scene after a tractor trailer burst into flames after it slammed into an MTO stationary vehicle, commonly known as a “crash truck.” It has been parked about three kilometres west of Reynolds Road in the right lane of the highway, which was closed at the time of the crash because of construction. The arrow lights on the truck were flashing and no one was inside. What caused the transport to veer out of it’s lane is under investigation and police say it’s possible weather may have been a factor in the collision.  Police are sifting through the charred transport to confirm no one else was in the inside.

“Can we say for sure that that individual was the driver, was there anyone else in the scene, in the area, in the truck. We haven’t confirmed that yet. And we certainly do not want to close this investigation off without knowing those facts.” Constable Sandra Barr, OPP

Nearby residents who called 911 and watched the horrific scene unfold, not surprised that the crash claimed a life.

“I’m a transport driver myself so it really hit home. I feel sorry for whoever passed away. It’s just, these things happen. They happen so quick you really don’t realize it.” said Ansty.

OPP investigators are also trying to determine whether any construction workers were on site at the time of the crash.



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