Suiting up for success

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Dozens of men were able to ‘suit up’ this afternoon thanks to Moore’s clothing for men and keys job centre. The organizations held their annual suit drive.

Men who are were in need of a suit for a job interview, or dress clothes for work were encouraged to come pick out one of hundreds of suits, shirts, pants and ties.

Keys job centre representatives says there is a real need in the community for this type of event.

Andrea Pritchard/Keys Job Centre: “Really frequent, actually, that we face that. It’s great if we can align it, or if it’s close to when we’re running the event. When we have left over suits we try to keep some on hand just to have for cases like that. But we also try to get gift cards for Moore’s throughout the year for people in need and they need to have something appropriate.”

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