Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

After a couple of tough losses on the road…the Queen’s football Gaels look forward to opening there new stadium on Saturday against the Western Mustangs…

Pat Sheahan/

“Its a pivotal ball game in the season–we certainly don’t want to fall behind 0-3 on the schedule and really put our backs up against it in terms of earning a play-off spot but we are very cognizent of all the other things that are going on.”

And of course the big distraction will be the buzz that surrounds the new stadium…. Sheahan is telling his team to enjoy the moment — but concentrate even harder on playing 60 minutes of football


“We’ve been in a position to win games a couple of weeks in a row when it counted and just allowed it to slip through our fingers with untimely errors so against a good team like Western you can ill afford to be making explosive type errors like we’ve incurred the last couple of weeks so my advice to them was to take great pains to not let that happen.”

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