Two women charged after allegedly urinating on grave site

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Dale Trickey has worked at the Oakland Cemetery in Brockville for more than 30 years – he said he’s never heard of anything like what allegedly happened here this past April.

Dale Trickey: “The only thing that has ever happened in the last, you know, 25 to 30 years is we’ve gotten memorials tipped over. Stuff like that, but nothing like this – that’s for sure.”

According to reports – two women are accused of entering the graveyard… then ‘urinating’ on the gravestone of Graysen Gemperle who died in December 2013 when he was three.

Const. Sandra Barr: “Myself, as with most officers we were disappointed to hear such an act had taken place … they were disgusted.”

On Thursday OPP charged two women, Katherine Collins and Paley Peyman with performing an indecent act.

The charges were laid – reportedly – after a video of the act was sent to the mother of the dead boy.

Trickey says it’s likely it happened at night – when cemetery staff are off duty, and the grounds aren’t supervised. He says securing the cemetery completely is simply impossible.

Dale Trickey: “No, there’s no way at all. Unless you put a fence around with gates. That’s the only way you could do it. Otherwise cost-wise it would be crazy.”

Const. Sandra Barr: “Regardless the investigation has to move forward, for the best interest of all of those involved and the victim.”

The two women are scheduled to appear in a Brockville Courtroom on September 30th.

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