Conflict concerns with Capitol Condo Project

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Conflict concerns with Capitol Condo Project

Christine Sypnowich says she’s one of many Kingston residents concerned about Tuesday’s vote to decide the fate of the Capitol Condominium Project.
A project surrounded in controversy over the 15-storey height … and now, another twist.
Recently, the group came across a website linking the sale of Capitol condos with City Councillor Adam Candon and his real estate business-Candon and Clancy — known as the ‘The Kingston Condo Kings.”

Christine Sypnowich:
“It appears that he’s marketing the condominiums for sale and acting as a agent and I guess we want to know if that is in fact the case because that gives the appearance of a conflict of interest and if it’s true it would be a genuine conflict of interest.”

The website is no longer active. It currently says the page is ‘under construction.’¬†However, before it was deactivated Sypnowich sought the opinion of Queen’s law expert, David Mullan.

David Mullan:
“If he participates and votes and has a conflict of interest then there is a possibility that a voter in the city of Kingston could apply to the Ontario court of Justice for a hearing on this particular matter to determine whether there has been a conflict of interest and in those circumstances the judge in the Ontario court of Justice has the ability in the extremes to order his seat on council vacated.”

Reporter, Jonna Semple:
“Reached in Toronto, Adam Candon expressed shock when informed about the allegations.
He also told CKWS he feels he’s being targeted because this project could hinge on a close council vote.”

Candon, a real estate agent, denies any active involvement in selling units for the proposed condominium.

Adam Candon:
” I haven’t sold any units there, I don’t have any contractual agreement of any kind, no financial benefit of any kind relating to the capitol condo in any way shape or form.”

Sypnowich and her group have sent letters inquiring about the conflict asking for the issue to be clarified and have yet to hear anything.

Christine Sypnowich:
“I think that it’s probably going to be a tight vote so it matters whether people are voting with the proper authority to do so or not.”

As for Candon, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong… but has sought legal advice and is waiting to hear back.

Adam Candon:
“I feel as though I’m not in a conflict of interest but I’m going put that in the hands of a lawyer, I don’t think that’s my decision to make.”

Candon says if he decides to take part on the hi-rise discussion and vote… he’ll vote in favour of the project.¬†But even if it loses at council — he still believes the OMB will approve it.
Jonna Semple CKWS Newswatch Kingston

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