Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

There’s a tremendous buzz surrounding the grand opening of Richardson Stadium tomorrow afternoon…but the Queen’s football Gaels are focused on there opposition from London…the Western Mustangs…

James Donald /Gaels Linebacker/

“We need to play all three aspects of the game–offense, defense, special teams–special teams will have a big part in this one depending on what the weather is going to be like but I really feel like were going to eliminate the few mistakes that we have had in a few games and by eliminating those everything should come together…were frustrated–there’s no doubt about that but we know were that close and being at home this week–that’s really going to be the difference maker.”

Needless to say—the Tri-Colour can’t wait to christen it’s new home.


“We’ve been practising in it for two weeks now but to actually play a game in there–I don’ think we know what to expect but we know were going to be pretty pumped up–fired up and ready to go and we can’t wait.”

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