The Tall Ships Festival sails out of Brockville

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
The Tall Ships Festival sails out of Brockville

The Tall Ships Festival wrapped up in Brockville this morning with the departure of Navy Warship HMCS Ville de Quebec.

The ship could be seen from shore in a cloud of smoke — after firing off multiple shots to say farewell to the city. An estimated 40 thousand people came out this past weekend to take in the festival — injecting 4 million dollars into the local economy.

11 vessels and 8 tall ships docked in Brockville for public tours — with a big emphasis on the Royal Canadian Navy, Veterans and their service to the county.

The Tall Ships Tour is set to return in 2019… and Brockville is hopeful they will, once again, get to be a stop along the way.

John Lake: Festival Co-Chair

“And just to hear the side stories about all these ships. It was just tremendous and the entertainment was good, a lot of exhibitions. Tremendous number of classic, antique boats. So it was well rounded in terms of all the offerings of a festival. And the weather cooperated pretty well overall, topped with fireworks Saturday night.”

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