A Second Time Around for Brockville’s GoodWill

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
A Second Time Around for Brockville's GoodWill

With a handful of volunteers at his side, Ron Pitts moves a truckload of donations into the new location of his business: Second Time Around Thrift Store.

Once inside it’s time to sort the donations. The new store is taking over the spot that used to be occupied by the Goodwill discount chain.

Ron Pitts, Owner, Second Time Around
“Our hardest decision was being able to move because we loved the location we were in, we just outgrew it. The people are great, the donations are great the community has really embraced what we’re doing. We’re hoping that we can continue to grow in this location with the same quality.”

Since taking over the space Pitts has overhauled the interior, changing the footprint of the retail space, installing a new warehouse wall, shelving and racks.
He’s done it all with the help of local volunteers, like Fred Graham.

Fred Graham, Volunteer
“it’s going to be a good opening, I feel great. I mean, giving him (Ron Pitts) a hand, a chance to open it up and help other people.”

Jonna Semple
“It was this past January when the Brockville GoodWill closed its doors permanently, along with 15 other stores, 10 donation centers and 2 offices. When the doors shut here in Brockville it left a big hole in the second hand market that needed to be filled.”

Ron Pitts
“Everything has opened up for us. One door after the next door, after the next door. Through negotiations and other people were looking at this place and all their deals fell though. So we love it and we’re going with it.”
Retail space in the new building is 5 times larger than Pitt’s previous store. He says it’s an opportunity for more sales and profit, which he and his wife plan to share with local organizations throughout the next year.

Ron Pitts
“There’s so many local charities out there to help. So if we can give back as much as we can, we can do that.”

The newly relocated Second Time Around store will open to customers in mid October.
-Jonna Semple, CKWS Newswatch- Brockville.

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