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The high school football season kicks off this week with 8 games on the schedule—including a Thursday night double-header at LaSalle’s Berkley Breen field…the Black Knights against Napanee…

Ruben Brunet/

We call it Knights under the will be the 9th year we’ve done the game at La Salle Secondary School and its been quite special..its become a tradition here at La Salle..the kids really look forward to it..posters are all over the school and on the announcements..the kids put there black and gold on and they look quite forward to this.”

Everything is ready to go… a new sign honouring a popular high school coach…. some scoreboard bulbs have been replaced…
and then without these….there would be “no knights under the lights”.


“I think Sydenham now has lights and here the community came together to put lights on the field here..we got a nice grant from the Pittsburgh Community Benefit Fund who have been extremely supportive of our athletic program at La Salle and we enjoy it very much.”

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