Former Bailey Broom Factory sold for $1 & now will be restored

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The old Bailey Broom Factory on Rideau Street in Kingston will be getting a major facelift.

Work is underway to restore it. Right now this is what the building looks like but the plan is to restore it creating a product like this.

Jon Jeronimus, Architect/Branch Manager RAW Design Inc.
“We’ve done all the number crunching. We understand what we’re getting into. We’re excited about it. So, yeah we feel really confident.”

The building is now owned by Toronto based – RAW Design. Kingston City Council approved the $1 sale on Tuesday.

Richard Allen/ Councillor, City of Kingston
“A redevelopment that also brings a new company to Kingston. So, I think that that’s a really great opportunity for us.”

Shannon Bradbury:
“When finished the building will have come a long way…It was a broom factory in the early 1900’s and was slated to be demolished in 2014.  RAW Design plans to refurbish the structure while maintaining its historic value, a project with a 1.7 million dollar price tag.”

Jon Jeronimus, Architect/Branch Manager RAW Design Inc.
“Bring it back into relevance for the community by fixing it up, putting like a cafe, a community oriented cafe and incubator space in the building as well as locate ourselves with a branch architect office.”

But, extensive work is required in order to get there.  About 25 per cent of the bricks will need to be replaced, and all of them re-pointed.  The doors will be upgraded and windows enlarged.  The roof and floor will also be replaced.

Jon Jeronimus, Architect/Branch Manager RAW Design Inc.
“It will look relatively similar I mean you’ll have the same kind of shell, it will be brick. The roof will be slightly different material and a little bit taller because we have to install insulation.”

RAW Design will remain the owners of the building, and are currently looking for a local start up business to lease a portion of it.  With work now underway the company hopes to occupy the building in about two years.

Shannon Bradbury CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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