‘Summer lovin had me a blast’

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
'Summer lovin had me a blast'

Kingston – Snow. It’s the four letter word everyone is dreading as they soak up the the last day of summer. With a high of 24. It was the perfect day to be near the water or perched on a park bench.

“Tomorrow it’s going to plummet to 17 degrees and then the rest is down hill so this is the last nice day we have.”

And there was no shortage of sunshine and warmth this summer, in fact the hot, dry weather led to severe conditions.  Two tornados touched down, one hitting Hay Bay and Stirling the other in Bloomfield — both ripping apart barns and uprooting trees.  But it was the drought that’ll be talked about for years to come…

Peter Kimbell/Meteorologist, Environment Canada:
“2016 will be remembered I think for primarily the drought of the summertime because so many areas are still as I mentioned drought like conditions.”

As many struggled with Mother Nature in their attempts to keep lawns green and crops alive, others were busy making memories.

” … oh just playing baseball with my daughter I guess and a few things like that…. ”
“Me and my wife bought a trailer on Varty Lake, we did a lot of camping and some fires and some fishing and some drinking.”

But one memory many across the country will take away from the summer of 16 is this.
25 thousand people gathered in Market Square for the final stop on The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour. A concert streamed live and watched by millions.
“It was awesome, I was actually in the K-Rock centre it was pretty amazing.”
“I can’t believe how many people turned out, the city did a fantastic job on Market Square and the Downtown, it was a fabulous event. The best I’ve seen in years here. It was just incredible. That’s the highlight for me and my summer.”
A season that will be remembered for many reasons and one that many are holding on to as long as they can. Morganne Campbell CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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