Rodwell guilty on child porn charges

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Rodwell guilty on child porn charges

Belleville – David Rodwell- “Ma’am please, no, please no pictures.”

David Rodwell leaves the Quinte Courthouse following a guilty verdict against him on three charges stemming from a child pornography investigation by US department of Homeland Security.
The 57 year-old was unknowingly engaging in sexually explicit online chats with one of the department’s agents, based in San Francisco. The officer, posing as the mother of a three year-old girl — arranged for Rodwell to have a sexual encounter with the child.

Rodwell holds the rank of Sergeant and is an air weapons systems technician at CFB Trenton.
During his online chats he talked about arranging a military flight from Trenton to meet the child.
The investigation revealed some 4000 pages of these types of online conversations, in some Rodwell said he was willing to pay up to $20,000 to sexually abuse children. On his computer police found child pornography images and video depicting infants, toddlers and prepubescent children in various states of undress. A judge found him guilty of possessing and making child pornography and arranging with another person to commit a sexual offense against a child.

Lee Burgess/Crown Attorney:
“I’m very satisfied with the verdict, her honour obviously did a thorough job at reviewing the evidence, reviewing the law.”

Throughout the trial Rodwell maintained that he was only in those chat rooms searching for answers as he shared personal stories of childhood sexual abuse.  Outside the court he talked about a life of abuse and mental health concerns…

David Rodwell
“I hold myself accountable for the mistakes I made. Did I make mistakes to try and hurt anybody? No. I made mistakes trying to get healthy mentally.”

Excuses the judge wasn’t buying.  In her decision Justice Deluzio told the court….

“Mr. Rodwell was not a credible witness. I do not believe his evidence and his evidence does not leave me with a reasonable doubt.” Justice E. Deluzio.

Rodwell’s defence lawyer is preparing for the next step. Sentencing.

Ruth Roberts/Defence Lawyer:
” I made the best arguments that I could. I was the best advocate I could be for Mr. Rodwell under the circumstances.”

The 57 year-old remains free on bail.

Morganne Campbell:
“Rodwell will be sentenced in December. Between now and then he will undergo a psychological and sex offender assessment. As for his job within the military ranks, that remains unclear at this point in time. Rodwell told me off camera he intends to show up for his next scheduled shift which is this coming Monday. Morganne Campbell CKWS Newswatch Belleville.”

He was also viewing child pornography including still images and

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