Heart tracker study out of KGH & Queen’s could change patient care

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Heart tracker study out of KGH & Queen's could change patient care

Fitness Trackers may not be just for weight loss any more.

A new study out of K.G.H and Queen’s indicates that commercially-available fitness trackers may be useful for patients … to monitor their heart rates while outside of a hospital and a doctor’s care.

The study involved 50 patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Patients wore the trackers for 24 hours and results were compared to hospital monitors.  The results were similar, and researchers are encouraged that at home fitness trackers could be a good supplement to patient care.

Dr. David Maslove:
“It needs further study obviously because it’s very new technology but the way it’s designed is very promising and it may allow us to do a lot of useful things for our patients like monitor them while they’re in the hospital but also extend their monitoring to the post-hospital discharge period and allow physicals and care-givers keep better track of their patients through the whole continuum of their care.”

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