Kingston business leaders meet at K.R.C.

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Tomorrow night, the k-r-c is home to the Kingston Frontenac’s home opener, this afternoon it was occupied by business leaders from Kingston and beyond.

The greater Kingston chamber of commerce held its seventh annual business expo at the downtown venue this afternoon.

More than one hundred booths were set up encompassing all scopes of the Kingston business network.

The chamber says it’s a great way for businesses who wouldn’t normally cross paths to interact and spark business deals within the city.

Martin Sherris: “They’re able to make contact in a much easier fashion here. Simply put, instead of travelling to a business and trying to get in front of the buyer or in front of the owner, you’re here together right now. It’s an event where many of our members are able to interact and find commonality in what they need for goods and services.”

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