Rideau Street fire leaves four homeless

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Melted siding, charred wood and smashed windows.

These are signs left behind at a Rideau Street home hours after fire completely destroyed the upper floor.

Leanne Latour: “I was sleeping – my neighbour came down and started banging on my door, so when I got up and got to the door – I could hear her screaming ‘Fire, fire! You gotta get out, you gotta get out!”

The fire started at just before 3 Thursday morning in this bedroom. Fire crews were able to control the flames within 30 minutes. One person was sent to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation,

Paul Patry: “Crews remained on scene doing some hot spots and overhaul protecting the contents of the lower unit from further damage – emergency response crews were here until about 7 a.m.”

Once daylight came investigators tried to piece together what happened.

They say the flames were confined to the top floor, but that doesn’t mean the bottom floor unit was able to avoid any damage.

Paul Patry: “The fire itself never extended out of the original unit of origin.

The lower unit unfortunately won’t be able to be inhabited for a while primarily due to the water damage as a result of the firefighting operations.”

As for Leanne Latour, she’s left wondering what’s next.

Leanne Latour: “The Red Cross helped me with a hotel for 2 days, but yeah I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, I’m going to wait until they’re done with their investigation and see what happens.”

Investigators remained on scene for most of Thursday hoping to determine the cause of the fire.

Early estimates indicate damage is upwards of 150 thousand dollars.

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