Council approves hiring integrity commissioner to investigate Capitol Condo controversy

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Adam Candon/City Councillor:
“I don’t think anyone in their right mind would sign up for a job like this knowing they were going to go through this. It’s insane.”

After weeks of threats, harassment and vandalism, Councillor Adam Candon says he’s had enough.

“Because it’s absolutely been disgusting. The things that people have done is absolutely gross.”

Heather Senoran:
“The councillor , who works as a real estate agent, came under fire when he decided to vote in favour of the Capitol Condo project… even after concerns were raised that he may have a possible conflict of interest.
Some questioned his involvement with a commercial website with links to the project…. but Candon says those concerns were dismissed by his lawyer.”

Still, the issue continues to dog Candon, who says the criticism and hate he’s had to deal with since the vote has gone too far.

I figured I’d call an integrity commissioner because I can’t live my life this way. It’s absolutely bizarre.”

Candon made the unusual request of asking that his actions become the focus of an independent investigation, which council agreed to.
But some community groups who are against IN8 Developments’ 15 storey condominium, say while they are happy with the investigation — they’d prefer that Candon stayed out of the process.

Christine Sypnowich, Chair, Coalition of Kingston Communities:
“It’s just not appropriate for him to be seconding the motion that pertains to the investigation of his actions… no matter how lily white they might be. And that’s yet to be determined.”

It will take a few weeks before the commissioner’s investigation is complete.
And while Candon is convinced it will clear his name — the fate of the condo project remains up in the air.
It’s now being challenged at the Ontario Municipal Board — Not surprising to Kingston’s Mayor.

Bryan Paterson/Kingston’s Mayor:
“I really did expect that there would be one. But I think it was still important that council approve the project as a statement that this really is important for the future of our city.”

The person who filed the appeal is former city councillor Vicki Schmolka.
As for the personal attacks against Candon — having his car keyed and family harassed — the first-term councillor says it’s become the focus of another investigation – this time by the police.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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