Scrap fire on Macadoo’s Lane

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston fire fighters raced to the scene of a scrap metal fire this afternoon.
It started in a junk yard on Macadoo’s Lane.
Thick black smoke could be seen around the city’s north end.
Fire crews were able to knock the blaze down quickly — but one person was taken to hospital.
Newswatch’s Darryn Davis has more.

Kingston Fire and Rescue got the fire call early this afternoon to a fire at this scrap metal business.
Four fire stations responded to the call.
“We sent three tankers , three pumpers, four pumpers and an air truck and a foam truck. ”
Fire crews found metal, debris and old cars on fire.
Crews quickly switched from using water …. to foam.
“That knocked the fire down real quick on us and so we were able to get…we’ll be on scene less time than if we’d just continued to apply water. ”
Crews urgently wanted to get the fire under control because the site is filled with old gas tanks.
“If the fire had protruded to those tanks we would have pulled our crews back and just fought the fire from a distance, because if those tanks heat up to an extent that they could blow that could be devastating ”
The men in this truck were looking to drop off a load of scrap metal when they saw smoke and flames coming from the back of the junk yard.
“We seen black smoke and we get up here and the roads closed and all we seen is flames and smoke and people running here and people running there and the ambulance going out. ”
Fire officials confirm one person was taken to hospital by paramedics.
“I believe the employee was transferred, I’m not too sure, I never saw him he was located in some office that’s where the paramedics were working on him.”
So the extent of his injuries I couldn’t really tell you.”
“Kingston Fire and Rescue is dealing with the last few hot spots of the fire and then the investigation will move to the next phase, which is determining the cause and putting a dollar to the damage. ”
“We haven’t talked to the owner and that. We’ll get a better handle on that once we sit down and say hey what do you think you’ve lost in here. ”
Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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