Meet the man behind the ‘hydro song’

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Meet the man behind the 'hydro song'

Stirling –  It’s not your typical country heartbreak love song …

((I got your letter in the mail, demanding money without fail. I’m done with you, today is our last day.))

Meet Dave Bush, a comedic singer and songwriter who lives in Stirling.  His relatable song about breaking up with Hydro One because of its rising costs has gained traction on sites like Facebook…

((The Ontario Hydro Corporation is screwing this province’s population))

‘The Hydro Song’ has had more than 1.1 million views, and the video — produced in his home — shared over 40 thousand times with hundreds of comments.

Dave Bush/Singer & Songwriter:
“I’m just overwhelmed. Like, I just are you kidding me, a million views it’s just insane I never dreamed that would happen.”

The 50-year-old self employed landscaper says he likes to sing songs about real-life situations.
And he says Hydro One was an obvious choice.

Dave Bush/Singer & Songwriter:
“There’s 60 thousand people right now that have their hydro shut off because they can’t pay their bill. 60 thousand is a lot. There’s 600 thousand that are behind on their bills, their in arrears. So that says to me that it’s more than just people grumbling about the expensive of hydro.”

((I don’t mind paying for my share but your bills they just aren’t fair, debt retirement fee and delivery charge.))

Bush lives with his partner and two of their six children and conserving hydro is always top of mind. Pointing out that rural Ontario, including many of his neighbours, is struggling with higher rates than urban centres.

Dave Bush/Singer Songwriter
“People are just at the breaking point.”

((After giving it a moment of thought, I see the problems at the top. There’s just too many piggies in the trough. ))

Bush is a very charismatic man, the type of person who can easily put a smile on someone’s face …. and says his humourous lyrics were not meant to be a political statement.
But his song has struck a chord with many people.

(( Clearing out the upper management I think it would be time well spent. Let’s get back to treating people right.))

Morganne Campbell CKWS Newswatch Stirling.

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