Kingston golfer gets ready for National college championship

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Jamaal Moussaoui from St. Lawrence College finished 4th at the Ontario Golf championships.     And because of it — the Kingston native has earned himself a spot at the nationals in Prince Edward Island.


This is a case of home grown talent — staying home.     Jamaal Moussaoui could have gone elsewhere to further his game and his education — but decided this is where he wanted to be.

Jamaal Moussaoui/Vikings Golfer

“I had a few scholarship offers — down south and a little closer to home but I felt if I wasn’t going to go far enough with it, down there that it was just better for me to stay at home.”

And those with the Vikings golf program couldn’t be happier.     The Frontenac Secondary School graduate is just back from Barrie and the provincial championships.


“You’ve got to go into tournaments especially tournaments where you might not know people — you have to be on the course and you have to know that you can win — right.     You can’t go out there just hoping — the golf has a little bit of luck, but there’s a whole lot of talent in it so if you think and know you can win and have that confidence in it — you should be doing pretty good.”

The 1st year business marketing student has had a good season — a strong showing at the OCAA’s — and for the 2nd year in a row he won the Kingston City championship.

“First year was definitely a little bit of a surprize but going into second year — having a little more confidence and not having to qualify was making it a lot easier on me.
But definitely winning it once helps the confidence for the second time around.”

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