Kingston Police hope to to keep ‘Creepy Clown Craze’ out of Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – It’s the first thing that you see when you step into Audrey’s Costume Castle.
Clowns are one of the most sought after getups for Halloween 2016.
But it’s not the happy non-threatening costumes people are looking for… the creepier the better.
Scott Perrette/Audrey’s Costume Castle:
“There’s gloves. There’s chainsaws. There’s different kind of scary weapons and things like that. There’s some clown accessories like big scissors and horns.”
Heather Senoran:
” This year, scary clown costumes and masks like this one are in such high demand that Audrey’s actually sold out and had to reorder them close to 2 months before Halloween.”
The creepy clown trend has been spreading across North America — individuals have been dressing in outfits like this… terrorizing children, stalking, and in some cases even triggering lockdowns at schools.
And it’s not just because a spooky holiday is just around the corner…menacing clown sightings, like this, began over the summer in the U-S.
Now it’s happened in a few Canadian cities, but Kingston hasn’t been one of them.
And Kingston Police hope to keep it that way because anyone involved could face serious consequences.
Steve Koopman/Kingston Police:
“Criminal harassment. Mischief in terms of interfering with the lawful enjoyment of someone’s property. Cause disturbance by yelling, shouting, swearing. There could even be a prowl by night depending on the location of that. It could be a trespassing as well which is a provincial statue.”
Scott Perrette:
“Obviously now that this has broken on social media, we’re going to be a little more diligent on who we sell it to and what they’re going to use it for.”
This parent, looking for Halloween costumes for her kids says if the eerie clown craze hits Kingston she would consider cancelling trick or treating.
Charline Espejo/Concerned Parent:
“Maybe it’s just best if we all stayed home this year even. Not let any of them go out. Just to keep it away from all of them.”
Hopefully the only clowns causing terror are doing so at private parties or from the safety of Halloween stores.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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