Syrian Refugees celebrate first Thanksgiving

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The Alalwah family moved to Kingston as Syrian Refugees just over 2 months ago. They’ve gone from fleeing the war torn country -to giving thanks for being able to call Canada their home.

Haitham Alalwah (Voice of Translator)
“I will thank the society and I will thank it a lot more and more it helped me to come here.”

Noor Alzame (Voice of Translator)
“She said I am very comfortable to be in this society”

It’s a time that many celebrate with loved ones, and although this family has not been here long, they’re excited to celebrate the holiday.

Noor Alzame (Voice of Translator)
“She said I invited my Canadian friends in her house, with some family, some families and we will celebrate thanksgiving.”

Shannon Bradbury
“Many cultures around the world don’t have the Thanksgiving long weekend. But this year, thousands are celebrating it in Canada, for the first time ever.”

Jimmy Hassan, Kingston resident
“I came to Canada in 1998. Back home we don’t have such festivity. We have many other festivities that are cultural and religious.”

Hassan has celebrated Thanksgiving each year he’s been in Canada – it’s a holiday he’s still gets excited for.

Jimmy Hassan, Kingston resident                                                                                                                   “It was kind of touchy for me. To have that festivity. Cooking that big meal and calling all of your friends and family, which you probably don’t see quite often. And, having fun with them. Since that I’m enjoying that. I try to teach my children how to cook turkey. I still have a difficult time to cook the turkey.”

The Alalwah’s speak barely any english….but to them, this one sentence, holds significant meaning – and one they are most thankful for.

Haitham Alalwah (Voice of Translator)
“Canada was my dream 13 years ago. And, now all my family here in Canada, I’m very happy for that.”

Shannon Bradbury CKWS Newswatch Kingston

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