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The Canadian university ultimate frisbee championships will be held this weekend in Montreal….and both teams at Queen’s—the men and women enter the national event as the number one seeds…

Jordan McGregor/

“We just want to play within the system–not get too ahead of ourselves and play one game at a time and I think if we trust the system trust our people and not get too ahead of ourselves we should have a good result”

Amanda Cicchino

“We are a talented team, we’re a strong team. But we’re a team that was put together in September, mid-September. So when you have less than two months of a season you can have very strong players but it all depends how you mesh together. And so we’ve been lucky thus far and going to nationals we hope that luck will carry us through just a little bit longer to come out with a nice little medal on top. We have a lot of ladies that have played competitive in the summer and in their youth, we have a lot of junior Canada players on the team. And we also have a lot of girls that have gone through the Queen’s system and so altogether we do have a strong squad.

Ultimate frisbee is a serious sport played by serious athletes.


“You need to have athleticism, you need to have endurance, speed and you need to develop your throws. And having a really good game sense helps. So understanding kind of the flow of the game and the spacing and knowing where the most dangerous place to attack is, is what makes a really good frisbee player.”


“So I actually grew up playing basketball ball and got into ultimate frisbee as I came to university. I was one of those people thinking it was going to be an easier sport and I was extremely wrong.


“It’s really high paced intensity, there’s alot of elements from other sports, there’s piveting like in basketball, there’s kind of movement and low like soccer, there’s big plays scoring in the end-zone, like football.

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