Queen’s University 35 million dollars in Federal & Provincial grants for two capitol projects

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Queen’s announced funding for two large capital projects on the University campus today.
Over 100 million dollars will go into the creation of a new “Innovation and Wellness Centre” …. along with the revitalization of bio-medical research facilities.
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The former physical education centre on Union street will be the new home for an innovation and wellness centre.
The 87 million dollar capital project is already underway, and is expected to be complete by the spring of 2018.
The innovation hub will include engineering labs — along with experiential learning spaces.
” For our student entrepreneurs and for advanced engineering projects.”
The province is providing almost 3 million dollars for the project along with 19 million dollars from the federal government.
It’s part of a long term plan to stimulate the economy and increase global competitiveness.
“Like an incubator for creating and seeing the leaders of tomorrow build on their ideas. ”
The creation of a wellness centre follows a recent survey of post secondary students that found 90 percent feel overwhelmed, and 50 percent said they felt hopeless.
The wellness centre combined with the innovation hub will provide a new environment for accessing mental health services.
“Which really blends in with the academic activity campus where a student can simply go in to see a councillor or a doctor without fear of any stigma. ”
“A further 32 million dollars will be spent renovating Botterell hall providing state of the art research facilities and labs for eighty researchers and their work. ”
Cardio vascular, human mobility and cancer research are just some of the biomedical sciences that stand to benefit from the investment.
The renovation is also expected to help the university attract more researchers.
“One of the things they will first look at when they come here is the quality of the facilities they are in.”
The federal government is providing 12 and a half million dollars to complete the biomedical centre renovation — along with a further 2 million dollars from the province.
“It’s not just about Ontario, it’s about being competitive with other universities in Canada ”
The 2 campus projects carry a combined investment of more than 100-million dollars.
Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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