Kingston Penitentiary visioning taking place over next two days

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Portsmouth Olympic Harbour is going to be a busy place over the next couple of days.
A series of meetings are taking place to further refine the future vision for Kingston Penitentiary and the harbour.
Darryn Davis has more.

Since Kingston Penitentiary closed 3 years ago, it’s become a hot tourist destination
This year’s round of tours generated an estimated 20 million dollars.
What the future will be for the old prison and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour will, in large part, be determined over the next two days.
“Different options for building locations, building height, where the green space could be where the marina could be so a number of different options all very different. ”
A consultant is guiding the visioning exercise on behalf of canada lands, which will dispose of the surplus federal land.
Both sites are in Portsmouth, and the district councillor says this is an exercise full of challenges and opportunities.
“The consultants and the team really want people to give big ideas and maybe some uncomfortable ideas, but let’s discuss all options for what is a fifty acre site. ”
The goal over the next 2 days is to come up with 4 concepts for the penitentiary and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour..
The public will be able to see and comment on them Thursday evening.
Some of the dozens of ideas already brought to the table include turning part of K-P into a permanent tourist attraction, museum space, revamped marina, plus housing and recreation space.
“In terms of the range of possibilities, we’ll be looking at tall buildings to town houses , we’re going to look at big open spaces to a network of small open spaces, we’re going to look at public roads to private roads. ”
“Once the four design options have been settled on, the consultants will then begin the process of coming up with a preferred option.
The public will have the opportunity to see that one and comment on it in December. ”
“My experience is it’s never one of the four. It’s bits and pieces from all four that are put together, cobbled together to create a fifth concept that has the pieces everybody likes most.”
The final vision will be attached to how the federal government eventually plans to dispose of both of its waterfront properties.
Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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