Parking rates could be on the rise in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Motorists may have second thoughts about plugging the meter in the future…. because rates are poised to rise.
Richard Allen/Committee Member
“If we want to drive people to other forms of transportation using economics is the best way to do that. These recommendations, there’s nothing extreme here so I’m supportive of the progress it implies.”
Here’s the new parking fee structure recommended by staff and a consultant.
It calls for a 50-cent an hour, across the board increase, for on-street and municipal surface lots in the downtown and Williamsville, starting in 2019.
… Boosting rates to 2 dollars an hour in high demand zones, and $1.50 on low demand streets.
Parking lot rates charged for special events around the Rogers KRC would jump a dollar… but Sundays would be free, starting next fall.
Heather Senoran:
“This comes shortly after public consultation and a parking rate and fine review that took place earlier this year.
The report found that without an increase in revenues the parking reserve fund which is used to pay for infrastructure work would go into a 35 million dollar deficit by 2030. ”
Sheila Kidd/Director of Transportation Services:
“One of the primary reasons, in addition to generating enough funds for us to be able to invest in the system, we also use pricing to help ensure to make sure there’s an adequate supply and the turnover of supply so you don’t just have cars parking in one spot all day.”
But not all motorists are impressed with the need to feed more money into the meters.
“It’s important to bring in the people who live in the west end. Because if parking is super expensive nobody is going to come downtown.”
“If the city is making a bit more money sure. But we definitely do need more parking spots downtown for drivers.”
“Being the fact that I work downtown and I have to pay for parking everyday. I’m not very happy with that.”
But not paying the higher rates could also mean higher fines.
Parking tickets are poised to jump 5 dollars for parking at an expired meter, and an additional 10 dollars for failing to display a parking slip.
The new parking rates and fines represent the first major increase in more than a decade.
Unless council does a U-turn — the new fees will be approved as early as next month.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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