Fed. & Prov. Governments invest $11.5M in St. Lawrence College

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

A major funding announcement of 11.5 million dollars for St. Lawrence College aims to improve the facility making it more innovative, the money going toward a large project on campus.

Glenn Vollebregt, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College
“Fantastic announcement today. Something that’s going to change the face of our college and the face of our community, our 32.1 million dollar student life and innovation centre.”

Mark Gerretsen, MP Kingston & the Islands
“Really pushed to make sure that the funding could be granted for this project and they have the opportunity to build on what they have here at St. Lawrence, but more importantly provide greater learning experiences for young people.”

Shannon Bradbury
“The 11.5 million dollars is a joint investment from the federal and provincial government. $10.3 million will come from the Federal Government and $1.2 million will come from the Provincial Government.”

Glenn Vollebregt, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College
“The rest of the money is going to come from a number of different sources. It’s going to come from our college reserves. It’s also going to come from our dedicated faculty and staff, our community, and we’ll be looking to our students for support as well.”

Sophie Kiwala, MPP, Kingston & the Islands
“I think it’s extremely important that we make sure that we support them. And, the infrastructure investments that are going to be made will be all green energy focused.”

The student life and innovation centre or ‘Hello Future Project’ will house a new double gym, with space for the indigenous students, a large venue centre and innovation space.

Glenn Vollebregt, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College
“This project will be the single largest project this college and this campus has ever done. This is an opportunity for our students, for our community, for our faculty and staff to really leave a legacy for future students.”

Shovels have not hit the ground yet on the new facility – but work has started on space inside the college. ┬áThe Hello Future project is expected to be complete by April of 2018.
Shannon Bradbury CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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