Survey finds Canadians less giving to charities

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Lucie Toner has been playing the lottery twice a week for the last 50 years.
Though she hasn’t won a big chunk of change just yet, she says if she won a million dollars, she would be happy to share some with charity.
Lucie Toner/Lottery Ticket Holder:
“I think I could give 100 thousand. I have a lot of children to give to. So that probably would be all I could do.”
Heather Senoran:
“According to a national survey conducted by a web polling company called Leger — in 2006, Canadians said if they had a million dollar winning ticket they would be willing to give 177 thousand dollars on average to local charities. The same survey, a decade later found that Canadians would only part with about 69 thousand for charity.”
Those at this Kingston lotto kiosk say they’d donate much more from their imaginary million dollar winnings.
“I would hope I would be able to donate at least 35 to 40 percent… I have a number of charities I like to donate to.
“I could see 50 percent going to charities. Agencies that deal with mental illness or mentally challenged. Because I know they’re under funded.”
Though the recent survey shows a downfall in charitable giving in the last 10 years… United Way officials say the trend with their fundraisers is the opposite. Year after year more people have been eager to fund the organization that in turn helped 75 thousand people last year.
“Some people give… it’s almost like insurance. You want to make sure the services are there in case you need them. Some give for pure philanthropic reasons.”
The local United Way President and CEO says it doesn’t matter the sum of your donations… every dollar counts.
“Some donors give two dollars and that’s important. We have donors who give large amounts and that’s important.”
Fall is in full swing — October is Breast Cancer awareness month and Movember is just around the corner… meaning there’s ample opportunities to open your pocket book for a good cause…
Lucky lottery winnings or not.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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