C.F.B Kingston & R.M.C. receive federal infrastructure funding

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The federal government has committed 200 million dollars to improve infrastructure at military bases around the country.
Today, local M.P. Mark Gerretsen announced a share of that funding — 5.8 million dollars –for two projects at Royal Military College and C.F.B. Kingston.
Darryn Davis has more.

The lion’s share of the money will be going to Royal Military College.
Two buildings, Yeo hall and the Fort Lasalle Dormitory — will get improvements.
3.1 million for the dormitory … and 1.4 million for Yeo hall which houses the kitchen, student dining hall and support services.
The exterior of both buildings will get maintenance and masonry work.
“It’s always an ongoing exercise of making sure that we have the state of the art facilities both by retrofitting and renovating what we have in particular in those historic buildings.”
CFB Kingston’s new commander says this funding is one piece of a larger plan to repair a number of historic buildings on the military campus.
“We have a long term plan to rotate around and to do the maintenance that’s required on the buildings and the historic sites here, and the announcement such as today is a great step along that path.”
“The remaining money just over a million dollars will be spent here at C.F.B. Kingston to build a new ammunition storage facility”
The current ammunition compound was originally built in the 1950’s for a different purpose than what it’s being used for today.
The new facility will be closer to the firing range on the base and will store more small arms ammunition.
“There are specific regulations about how much of each type you can hold in what type of facility to maintain the safety and security of that ammunition.
And we just want to make sure that we have sufficient capacity.”
Construction of a new ammunition storage facility is set to begin next year… and be completed January 2018.
Darryn Davis CKWS Newswatch Kingston.

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