NDP Leader Andrea Horwath talks soaring hydro rates with Kingston residents

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath made a stop at the home of Briana Broderick and Christo Aivalis to discuss hydro rates and Kathleen Wynne’s time in power.
Andrea Horwath: “I mean this is not what people voted for. This is not what they voted for in the last election and they are really frustrated and disappointed with this government.”
Words echoed by the homeowners who have lived here for the last 4 years.
They’ve seen their heat, hydro and utility bills skyrocket over the years… at one point reaching more than 600 dollars a month.
They say rising electricity rates are making life difficult.
Briana Broderick/Concerned Resident:
“I mean it’s nerve wracking. I’ve always been able to pay the bills. I’ve always lived within my means. Now to go into debt each month for paying the hydro… it’s kind of crazy. I mean what did I do wrong?”
Horwath says the blame shouldn’t rest with consumers — but Liberal government.
She describes Premier Wynne’s planned 8 percent rebate on electricity bills starting 2017 as too little too late… amid her government’s declining support.
Andrea Horwath/Ontatio NDP Leader:
“Perhaps the Liberals are waking up to the reality people are facing but I would say the Liberals are, once again, concerned about their own political skin and that’s why they’re changing their tune.”
Horwath says a better option would be to permanently cancel the entire HST portion of Hydro bills… to really make a difference for families like these.
Christo Aivalis/Concerned Resident:
“She didn’t seek a mandate on reforming electricity or privatizing hydro in any kind of explicit sense. And the decision came so soon into her mandate that it leads me to believe that she had planned on doing something on this regard which seems to me to be disingenuous.”
During a visit to Kingston earlier this week, the premier acknowledged consumer frustration …. but touted the Liberal government’s improvements to the power grid.
Kathleen Wynne/Ontario Premier:
“The system was a mess in 2003 when our government was first elected.”
Now, the premier says there are no brownouts and 90 percent of the electricity comes from clean power.
As for this couple… though they are long-time NDP supporters they say rising hydro costs goes beyond partisanship.
They say the cost of hydro will be a crucial factor in how they vote in the next provincial election in 2018.
Heather Senoran CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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