‘Nearly New’ goes a long way for local Orchestra

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s one of the many fundraisers which helps support the Kingston symphony orchestra – this weekend their bi-annual ‘nearly new’ sale is being held the symphony’s warehouse.

Clothes, toys, dishes and many more items are up for grabs.

Saturday is the second last day of the sale which means everything was 50 percent off.

Whatever’s left on Sunday will be discounted even more.

These fundraisers go a long way to helping the K.S.O. Last year alone their events raised nearly one hundred thousand dollars.

Heather Sutherland:¬†“All of the events, whether it’s vinyl records, books or this sale, everything we get is donated. Kingston is a small city, I think 126-thousand people, and you can see the amount of donations in this sale. We’re almost three quarters the way through. Kingston is very generous to the symphony. So all the books, and items you see here are donated by the client.”

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