Free rounds hopes to spark registrations at Bell Park

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Golf enthusiasts of all skill levels were encouraged to play a round at belle park fairways this afternoon.

The golf course held its first ever open house from 11 to 6.

Anyone who showed up to play during that time was treated to a free round of golf.

Management says their numbers showed signs of improvement this year and are hoping getting word out about their new youth memberships can boost registrations in 2017.

Paul Turner: “Well the open house is basically to promote the golf corse for 2017. We want a lot of people that live in Kingston that want to play golf to come and give us a try today. So what we’re offering is free nine holes between 11 and 6. Or they can hit a free bucket of balls. Give us a try, see if you get impressed and hopefully you might consider giving us a try in 2017.”

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