Kingstonians fundraise to help Haiti

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Tens of thousands of homes wrecked or damaged, and roughly 900 people dead. The devastation in Haiti is far from over – and it hits close to home for a Kingston based organization, Helping Haiti.

Tammy Aristilde, Founder, Helping Haiti
“Our members of Helping Haiti that are on the ground, the locals, are working very very hard to help each other. Even in our clinic, we’re still only opened 3 days a week. but, we have a little more support with medications. So, we’ve more than doubled our intake over the last week and a half.”

Since 2008 Helping Haiti has been building up support systems in the country, like a water tower, medical clinic and community centre.

Hurricane Matthew roared through Haiti as a Category 4 storm earlier this month.
Areas on the southern coast of the country were hit the hardest.

A group of people from Bay Park Baptist Church in Kingston are fundraising for a mission trip to Haiti.

Jacki Armstrong, Mission Trip member
“There’s more of an urgency. We don’t even want to be sitting at home right now, we want to be there. The area was already devastated before the hurricane. It’s the hardest hit now in Haiti.”

The group of 12 people are heading to Tiverny, originally the trip was planned to ‘upgrade’ the community & teach the Haitians to be self sustaining.

Lisa Lapierre, Mission Trip organizer
“Now that this hurricane has happened it’s changed everything, because now there’s not going to be any upgrading we’re starting back to 0. All our crops are gone, our trees are broken, peoples homes. Out of 500 homes only 27 are standing.”

The concern continues to grow over an increase in cholera cases, following widespread flooding.
The country is bracing for a rise in disease – in what could become the worst crisis since a devastating earthquake in 2010.

Lisa Lapierre, Mission Trip organizer
“We’re going to see the morale of the people a lot lower. We might see more sickness. And these people are desperate.”

Shannon Bradbury
“Canada has contributed more than 6 million dollars to relief efforts in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Locally there ARE people doing what they can to help with medical care, drinking water, shelter and rehabilitating agriculture. The mission trip is now fundraising to help gather supplies for those who need them most.┬áThe organization, Helping Haiti, is hopeful the Kingston community will join in and help support these Haitians too.”
Shannon Bradbury CKWS Newswatch Kingston.”

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