Downtown parking garage moving

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Kingston city officials have a location in mind to build a new parking garage for the downtown.
But it’s not the first choice.
They initially wanted to partner with homestead to build a parking structure at King and Queen streets.
But Homestead now wants out of the deal.
Darryn Davis takes a closer look at “plan B.”

A deal between the city and Homestead Land Holdings to build a new multi-level parking garage here at King & Queen streets has been called off by the developer.
Homestead backed out of the partnership — citing feedback from the community and planning department over its residential project on the same site.
“The feedback that was indicated was lower building heights, ground floor commercial being important elements at that location.”
City staff are now moving to plan b — building the 18 million dollar municipal garage a few blocks away …. in the Byron lot at Queen and Montreal streets.
They’re asking councillors to approve the move.
“We had done a feasibility study on that particular site about four years ago and we deemed it at least from the planning perspective that it is feasible. ”
But it may not be convenient for motorists.
Staff note the Byron lot is at the limit of “preferred walking distance” for people coming downtown.
The surface lot has also been identified for other uses, complicating the possible back up plan.
“The parking is a necessity, but we’ve always wanted that Byron lot to be some of it for affordable housing and parking so whether that’s possible or not I don’t know.”
“And while the partnership between Homestead and the city has fallen through, potentially building the parking garage here at the Byron site could lead to another deal between the city and In8.
They’re the developers building the Capitol Condo’s just across the street. ”
One of the conditions for the Capitol Condo is for the developer to make a financial contribution to create nearby parking spaces.
” The proposal for here would be about 350 spots.
A hundred of those or so would be leased by In8.”
The remaining 250 would be for public parking …. about the same number of spaces that will be lost to future development downtown.
Darryn Davis CKWS News Kingston.

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