Frontenac Heritage Foundation honours those that preserve and protect

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Protecting and preserving heritage buildings is a familiar task in some communities.     In Kingston — awards are given to those who go above and beyond expectations for saving our history.     The “Frontenac Heritage Foundation” is presenting its 2016 heritage conservation awards this evening.

Newswatch’s Mike Postovit has more.

1 Baiden Street in Portsmouth.     Or here at 151 Earl right downtown.     A couple of examples of historically significant buildings that have now been cited by the Frontenac Heritage Foundation.

Paul Christianson/Awards Committee Chair

“I’m proud of living in Kingston — and I’m proud of the heritage we have here as so are these people and i think they should be recognized.”

And they are.     In fact the “Frontenac Heritage Foundation” has done so for the past 34 years.

It really is all about the 2 H’s — history and heritage.     The Earl Street house was built in the 1870’s.


“If you look at the building you can see all of the stone work has been re-pointed — the stone work in the bay window has basically been rebuilt and the arches up above and the windows up above that had to be re-built as well.     This has been a great job of conservation — and it’s helped to preserve one of Kingston’s really fine houses from that period.”

As for this private home in Portsmouth — the owner is being recognized for replacing old concrete stairs at the front entrance.


“It starts off with a base that matches a base — the limestone base of the house itself.     And then it uses more finished blocks of limestone for the steps and for the top.     You can see — those are large blocks — single block stones for each of those steps and for the base of it.     And then she designed hand rails for it that are made of iron and those fit in very nicely.”

A couple of other properties are also being recognized … along with longtime Kingston historian Brian Osborne.     Mike Postovit, CKWS Newswatch, Kingston.

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