Residents won’t ‘buy-in’ on casino-area hotel

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

For years there has been talk of developing land near the Thousand Islands Casino, and it seems that talk may finally turn into action.

Joe Baptista: “What we’re starting to see is more and more interest in Leeds and the Thousand Islands.”

That interest has led to a proposed 78-unit hotel, to be built to complement the Shorelines Thousand Islands Casino.

Should the project get approval, the hotel will be built on this piece of property which is just off of Highway 2 directly across from the Thousand Islands Casino. But it’s also directly behind a number of homes.

Including Peter Didsbury’s, where he’s lived for more than 40 years.

He along with most of his neighbours on Robertson Road aren’t thrilled about the project for a number of reasons.

The biggest of which is the potential impact this 78-unit hotel would have on their well water.

According to Didsbury the hotel could draw up to 29,000 litres per day.

Peter Didsbury: “That’s the equivalent to about 50 new homes in the area. With the way the drought conditions have been this last year, we’re really, really concerned with the amount of draw.”

Another concern: the position of the hotel septic system and potential water contamination.

Peter Didsbury: “The septic system is going to be right in my back yard, literally 150 feet from my well.”

But a planner hired by the hotel chain says wells won’t be affected, as the company’s studies on the property found it has an adequate water supply.

As for the septic system, the company says it will have to be approved by the Ministry of the Environment and will be monitored by the ministry.

However the township says none of the plans are set in stone and concerns brought up at a recent public meeting will be considered.

Joe Baptista: “Anything to do with source water anything to do the wells or with septic. These are serious concerns and things that will be addressed as part of the process.”

Peter Didsbury: “I’m hoping they will listen to the neighbours in this neighbourhood.”

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