Lady Vikings Open Season

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The college basketball season opens on Friday night at St.Lawrence…the lady Vikings tip off at 6 o’clock against the Centennial Colts of Toronto…

Shian Noble/

“I believe on Friday, all we have to do is listen to what Remy Simpson tell us in terms of what he’s been drilling in our heads at practise and what we need to work on but as a team we can take control and do what were doing and stay focused–encourage each other and not to get too frustrated but just play our game and not anyone else’s game.”

Mikaela Mallette/

“I’m excited for our team–I think that we have a lot of potential and once we start to play more games as a team we’ll become more as a unit–right now were getting there–were practising a lot and once we start to play some games we’ll come together better and hopefully that will start on Friday.’

Mallette is a 1st year business student from Delta..the Rideau High School graduate looks forward to playing for the Vikings


“I’m really ambitious and I like to win..I’ve always been rather modest of my potential and I’m exciting coming to St.Lawrence to see that I fit in well and I think I’ll be a lot of help on the offensive side of things as well as the defensive end.”

Back to Noble, the 2nd year Fitness and Health student is a strong believer in team chemistry


“Off the court we all hang out –we help each other with homework –helping each other learning our plays if someone does’nt understand–wether its on the court or on the bench were all getting along and lifting each other up –encouraging each other and all that stuff.”

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