Warm temperatures return to the region

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Summer just doesn’t want to let go.
And, that’s good news for people hoping to get one more day in shorts and sandals.
Weather experts say we could reach a new record high temperature.
But as Darryn Davis found out — this day of warmth and sunshine could also have a cloud of concern.

The unexpected taste of warm weather isn’t something people are going to miss out on.
Jogging in shorts or a meal on a patio are almost unheard of for this time of year.
“It’s a little taste of summer, of course don’t want it to leave, very nostalgic. Almost want to get out the bathing suit and find the beach but can’t. It’s great though I love it.”
“I just regret that i didn’t wear shorts.”
“I’m actually hoping, wishful thinking you might call it, that it will be like this for the next six months.”
The daytime high hit 22 celcius, almost a degree and a half higher than the previous record — set in 1968.
Pleasant, but concerning to some.
“The issues of climate change are paramount and year by year it’s going to be coming more and more relevant, but if this is what we’ve got to endure for the next few days that’s o.k. ”
“A couple of warm days like this in the fall can’t necessarily be attributed to climate change, but climate change models do predict that warm weather later into the year will become more and more common. ”
According to NASA, the ten warmest years on record in the last 134 years have all been since 2000.
The conservation authority fears droughts will become more common.
The crca’s water resource engineer says we’ve seen more rain this fall but it’s still below average.
“The streams have started to respond but not nearly as much as you would expect with the amount of rain we’ve had.”
And if the water table isn’t replenished it could cause issues for some communities.
“There are lots of water supplies that rely on the flow of a river in order to bring water out to their residents. if the flow isn’t there, they’re not going to be able to bring that water in for their residents anymore.”
Summer’s last gasp could be fleeting… the same weather models also predict a typical winter for the region.
Darryn Davis CKWS News, Kingston.

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