Weight loss surgery is now available in Kingston

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Weight loss surgery is now available closer to home.     Kingston’s Hotel Dieu Hospital today officially launched its new bariatric surgery program.     The “Bariatric Centre of Excellence” will serve patients who require assessment and treatment for obesity.     And as Mike Postovit reports, the surgery program is expected to be in high demand.

Dr. John Drover/Kingston Bariatric Centre Medical Director

“Obesity is an issue for health in our province — and our rate of obesity in our region is higher than the provincial average.”

With that sobering statistic — the 7th and newest bariatric centre of excellence in Ontario — here at Hotel Dieu Hospital, officially launched it’s surgery component.     A program that will keep many people a lot closer to home.


“We’ve been getting patients ready for this surgery for several years, since the clinic opened — and they’ve required — actually had to travel to either Ottawa or Toronto — and so we know we’ve had several hundred patients a year leaving the city to have the procedure done and now they’ll be able to have it done closer to home.”

Juanita Fritz-Miller/Patient

“You have enabled me to push my re-start button”

Kingston’s Juanita Fritz-Miller underwent successful bariatric surgery in Ottawa — she’s excited others won’t have to make that trip as everything is now available here.

At your biggest you were?


“Twice my body weight — there would be two of me sitting here and that’s how big I was.

I was definitely an unhealthy woman — I was going down a very, very bad path, possibly diabetes, absolutely arthritis, perhaps heart in the future and now I have so much energy — I have so much vibrancy — I am not on any medications.


“Very good success rate — over 80 per cent of people will have long term benefit from the weight loss, 80 per cent excess body weight loss in the 1st year on average and very successful.

And low complication rate — complication rates are less than two per cent for most patients having this type of surgery.”

Surgeries actually started here in Kingston last month and 60 patients are expected to undergo the procedure in 2016-2017.     Mike Postovit CKWS News, Kingston.

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