Police laying charges over horse slapping incidents

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

The homecoming street parties may be over — but the fallout isn’t.
Two men and a woman are facing charges after three incidents of slapping a police horse.
In one incident, the horse kicked back.
Darryn Davis speaks with officers from the Kingston Police mounted unit …. and finds out why they consider these incidents serious.

A slap to the horse… and a kick back.
Video of this student slapping a police horse during last weekend unsanctioned homecoming street party has gone viral.
It was one of three incidents faced by the kingston police mounted unit that day.
Each time, it was constable Deb Wicklam’s horse “Murney” that was attacked.
However, the third incident was stopped by constable Groenewegen before a man could strike the horse.
“I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I yelled don’t. so I was able to stop that one, however he is still getting charged with the attempt. ”
The female queen’s student and 2 men from out of town will face charges of injuring a law enforcement animal under the relatively new “Quanto’s law”.
…. Named after a police dog that was stabbed to death in edmonton.
“What the courts and society is recognizing is that it’s still assault police.
The horses and the dogs are an extension of the police officers.”
People convicted under the new law could be looking at fines, or even prison time.
“The minimum is six months if they kill an animal and the maximum is the five year penalty and there’s also a maximum fine of 10 thousand dollars that they could be facing”
The only injury during the three incidents was to the queen’s student — who fell while running away after slapping Murney the police horse.
Police say despite kicking out, Murney never hit the woman.
” Had she struck her, you would have actually saw a body flying towards the camera as opposed to her rolling towards the horse.
“The injury where you see her grabbing her face was probably as a result of her hitting the pavement.”
“While these three incidents appear to be poorly thought out pranks, the two men and one woman if convicted of the charges they’re facing will have to deal with that on their record as they move forward with their lives.”
And constable Wicklam says the widely viewed video will always be on-line.
“You have to go through the court system there’s that, but the second thing is any time you ever want to go and get a job it’s out there for people to get. ”
Despite Murney’s first big venture into crowd control, police say the horse performed as she was trained to do.
Darryn Davis CKWS news Kingston

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