Kindness of strangers restores Kingston womans’ faith in people and Little Library

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

After a number of setbacks — a Kingston woman who has a “Little Free Library” outside her Division Street home has finally come out ahead.     It’s one of those good news stories.     Mike Postovit explains.


They’re known as “Little Libraries” — you might have seen them around town or in other cities.
They’re basically a “free” book exchange.

Lyn Gallagher

“Leave a book — take a book.     That’s the idea — it’s a sharing of literature -sometimes there’s comic books in here, magazines, reference — real old stuff — westerns — you know — there’s something for everybody”.

Gallagher lives on Division Street in Kingston.     She’s had a “little library” on her property for a while — setting up homemade boxes to house the books.     First in this form.     The 2nd one looked like this.     And a 3rd — a little beat-up but at least it was there.     Then about 10 days ago, that box went missing altogether.     Someone stole it from her yard.     But her frustration has now turned to jubilation, thanks to the kindness of strangers.


“This morning I came out to walk my dog and here is this toaster oven which I thought was just sitting here but when you open it — you can see that it’s very expertly secured in here — there’s like six screws with a penny washers — they’re even used washers to put it in and my boy friend said they must have used a screwdriver because you could never set a drill in here — so they spent a lot of time putting this up and it made my day.     I thought it was really fabulous and there’s even a book in it.”

After she got over her amazement — Gallagher did a little clean-up on the new container before grabbing a marker and showing her appreciation on a sign.


“Thank you mystery neighbour — I was going to put supermoon hero — but mystery neighbour for the new library box made my day.     I’ve been smiling ever since and it was really a wonderful surprise — and they even left a book to start it off with.

Restoring her faith in people, along with her little library.     Mike Postovit, CKWS News, Kingston

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