Lady Gaels Home Opener

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It’s the home opener on Friday for the Queen’s Basketball Gaels….the ladies take on the Laurier Golden Hawks at 6 o’clock….

Emily Hazlett/

“I think we have to come out really strong and play as hard as we possibly can and use all the things we’ve been working on in practise over the past couple of weeks and the pre-season and that should put us on top of Laurier on Friday.”

The Gaels are currently ranked 7th in the country –needless to say expectations are extremely high

Robyn Pearson/

“I think the expectations have been there since we went to nationals 3 years ago and I think that we know how to play under that pressure a bit better now—we have a number of great players, playing together..we have a lot of veterans on this team who can lead the young one’s who are ready to follow us—that’s something to expect from this team and expectations are expectations–there always going to be there—wether we put it on ourselves or people have them on us, I think your always going to play with expectations but I think we can handle it very well.”


“Regardless of the rank we have–we set ourselves with high expectations because of all the talent and skill that we have with this team and I think having as many experienced players as we do makes the transformation a little bit easier with the younger kids coming in —so then we can put a higher expectation on them as well because they’ve been taught by us early on.”

Overall team depth could be the key to a successful campaign


“We like to call ourselves the Spurs of the OUA ..the fact that we can rest some of our better players and have no worries playing everyone in our line-up …that’s pretty much what you want out of any team and we want to be ready for March and if we can get everybody to that same point, ready for March..and go longer and harder and faster than any other team in this league than were going to be a lot tougher to beat further down the road.”

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