Police link “ball cap” bank robber to five heists

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV
Police link "ball cap" bank robber to five heists

Trenton –┬áIt was a brazen robbery in the middle of the day. A suspect entered Trenton’s downtown Royal Bank, demanded cash and simply walked away. The holdup has left area business owners, like Dave Collins, in complete shock

Dave Collins/Downtown Business Owner:
“All of the sudden there was a stream of police cars that rolled downtown and they had it taped off and people were coming in who were trying to get into the bank who had no idea what was happening.”

Police are looking for this suspect, he’s the regions most wanted man and police hope you know who he is.

Cst. David Ludington:
“We have a lot of foot traffic down there and potentially a lot of witnesses that may have seen the person and potentially the person get into a vehicle.”

But this isn’t the first time the man dubbed “the ballcap bank robber” has struck.
He’s been holding up banks for months, and eluding the authorities with ease.
The suspect began his robbery spree in August hitting banks in Kingston and York region.
Then in September an RBC branch in Napanee and the following month the ball cap bandit struck again at a bank in Oshawa.
In all cases surveillance shows a heavy set man, wearing similar clothing and a Blue Jays ball cap, walking calmly into each bank in broad daylight.
No weapon was seen in any of the robberies.
The OPP has enlisted the help of Napanee OPP, Kingston, Durham and York Regional Police services in an effort to identify the suspect.
And according to police, the clock is ticking.

Cst. Dave Ludington:
“As brazen as you want to be the unfortunate part or the fortunate part for us is a lot of places now, a lot of businesses and a lot of towns actually have their own video recording systems so we’re afforded a lot of information.”

No one was injured in the latest robbery and police aren’t saying how much money the “ball cap bandit” made off with or if it’s believed he has a accomplice.

The suspects picture and description has been put out on police data banks that span the province.
Anyone who has any information is being asked to call police or Crimestoppers.

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