Queen’s Solar Team aims to be completely off the grid

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

It might not seem like much – but this small home will be at the cutting edge of technology once it’s finished being built.

Garrett Mallory: “It’s definitely one of the bigger tasks I’ve ever taken on.”

The home was built by a small group of Queen’s University students and will be completely off the grid and self sufficient.

It will also collect rain water – to be turned into completely potable drinking water.

These window awnings will also draw in heat during winter months, and keep it out of the home during the summer.

It’s a lot of work – but the Queen’s Solar Design Team is more than happy to make it happen.

Garrett Mallory: “It’s not necessarily easy, but it becomes easy when everyone comes together and everyone does their part. We have a lot of really smart people working together so everything kind of works out.”

But just as important as the design and building portion of the project – is the fundraising aspect.
Part of the solar design team includes finding sponsors to pay for it all or in kind donations.

Lia Piekarski: “Really anything that we need for the project. One of the items that we’re looking at getting now is an inverter. We’re actually just waiting for the team to get the details about the specific type of inverter that they’ll need before we go asking companies for one.”

It’ll still be a few months until the home could have tenants – but even when that day comes, the plan is to keep it constantly under construction.

Katie Yang: “Once it’s functional, we’ll be taking things out as technology develops and putting other things in in order to order to test them. Also to continue to give Queen’s students hands on opportunities to learn about sustainable technologies.”

They estimate the entire cost of the 75-square metre home is about 150 thousand dollars.
But that doesn’t include the man power to build it.

Something these students will be providing while they learn just how affordable living off the grid can be if done properly.

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