Work continues on K&P Trail extension

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

Work only started in the spring – but the urban portion of the K&P Trail is coming along nicely – and trail is on track to be completed in time for the Country’s sesquicentennial.

Neal Unsworth: “This season we hope to finish the project right down into Doug Fluhrer Park.  We’re getting close to the wire, the weather is supposed to turn cold next week. So we’ll see how we do.”

City workers spent the spring, summer and fall tearing out trees and paving the walking path.

However, for some trail enthusiasts it’s not exactly what they were anticipating.

Peter Stroud: “The changes they’re seeing are more than they thought they were going to see.
However the more durable it is and the more use it gets the better it is. We want thousands of people to use this trail.”

While most are excited about the trail extension – some aren’t pleased it was at the expense of so many trees.

However the City is in the process of planting more than 300 new trees – including 18 different species, and 7 different kinds of shrubs for more 700 shrubs.

Neal Unsworth: “We had to do a lot of removals of invasive trees that had been the legacy of the old industrial period in this part of town. That wasn’t particularly popular.”
Peter Stroud: “I’m happy – I know that trees when they’re newly planted they don’t look like much but eventually it will be good because the species that they’re planting will last.”

Another issue some people have with the newer portion of the trail is the use of pavement.

The city believes a paved trail – not loose gravel – is best for an urban trail like this, because it gives those on bikes, scooters and skateboards an alternative route around the city – and keeps them off city streets.

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