Holiday photos for charity…with a Grinch twist

Kingston, ON, Canada / CKWS TV

KINGSTON – The Grinch took a break from trying to steal Christmas and made a stop at an animal hospital to pose for pictures. This is the second year the Grinch got cozy with furry friends for a photoshoot at Beardall animal hospital. Two legged little ones were also allowed to join in on the fun. For a small donation, participants could get a unique holiday photo with the infamous grumpy green character…who even managed to crack a smile or two. Proceeds will go towards the local charity Sheba’s Haven Rescue. Last year the event raised about 400 dollars.

Catherine Pokrywa/Founder of Sheba’s Haven Rescue:
“We’re all by donations. We do not get help from the government. So we do all fundraising all the time. I take in palliative care dogs. Those with cancer or heart disease. Really there is no other one in Ontario.”

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